New gadgets change our lives and our behavior - and create new, exciting market places!






The philosopher Hegel once noted: "The individual can imagine things as real, which are not real." If Hegel were alive today, he could, by implication, complement his statement: We have no problem transfering things that are real into an intangible world and to use them therein. Our world has expanded itself by a digital dimension, which has reversed our physical connection with space and time. We are just in the process of entering into an irreversible symbiosis with a metaphysical cloud, which expands our personalities in a completely new manner.

zitroneThis cloud, and thereby the whole knowledge of mankind, is carried as gadgets in our pockets. These gadgets are not plain-old devices. They are highly complex masterpieces equipped with lots of sensors – masterpieces that we honor like pop stars as they bejewel ourselves.



These gadgets are also the key to new markets. A user who buys a bag of untreated lemons nowadays can, on site, with his smart phone, determine in which region and on which trees the lemons are grown. He also can get in direct video contact with the grower and perhaps receive a recommendation for a local lemon tarte. And, in case the fruit farmer has a cottage for rent, the consumer can book a trip to the very place where the lemons bloom.



The latest gadgets change our lives and our behavior - and create new, exciting market places!

Trade Group makes careful observations, manages numbers and mistrusts statistics


Markets perform because people take chances. In this case, the means of exchange, money or credit card, is nothing but the materialized and established trust in the market. When seller and buyer uphold this trust, prosperous business relations develop.




Of course our day-to-day buying behavior is more mundane and is determined through complex communication processes and behavioral patterns. We, the TRADE GROUP, are experienced marketers and know which way the wind blows. We manage numbers, can read and assess annual reports, and mistrust statistics –  whether on paper or in a PowerPoint presentation. We analyze the economy based on intuitive estimates and common sense. In this process, we like to think ahead some years. We bank on curiosity and believe in the good of humankind, as markets are based on trust. lollies

The new consumer is product communicator, co-producer, and a blessing for the brand



Every era has its market places and markets. In the past, our society was geared toward gigantic shapes, toward mega malls and massive markets, toward huge, incalculable online trading places.



At the same time, new and independent commercial forms developed, which accommodate the sophisticated, confident and technically savvy citizen. The new consumer is not just informed about the products he wants to buy. He wants to take part in the decision making process concerning these products - he develops into a product communicator, co-producer and a blessing for the brand.



TRADE GROUP takes this new consumer seriously. We know what makes him tick, what he expects from the market, and how he moves in it. And TRADE GROUP knows his relationship with the gadgets that his life is centered around.




You would like to know more about our service portfolio? Well, curiosity and faith are part of every successful business relationship  – please start by completing our contact form.



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